3 Tips to a Successful Paid Social Campaign

by | Feb 9, 2021 | Marketing Tips | 0 comments

Looking back at our first month working with Alexa Pulitzer, a local custom stationery & whimsical artist here in New Orleans, we were thrilled to see sky rocketed stats such as 65% more website traffic and 185% more transactions and revenue from the website compared to the same time last year! This established brand that appeared in GOOP and the New York Times dramatically benefited from a strategic paid social campaign during the 2020 holiday season. We wanted to share with you some of the tricks of the trade that made this campaign a success and could help you improve your social media ads campaigns. 



It is very important to set a wide net in the brand awareness phase and narrow down your audience with a remarketing ad. This means REALLY thinking about your audience, what is their age, gender, interests, behaviors etc. Where do they live? This is your top of funnel audience and should be a wide but narrowed down net. Now once you start marketing to them, be sure to also set up a remarketing ad to those that interact with your top of funnel ad! This way you can start to funnel them in with a message that is specific to them. You are spreading a wide net and then continuing to market to people that are most interested in your product by leveraging Facebook’s remarketing tools.

Pro Tip: We like to use videos in the brand awareness phase and remarket to those that viewed the video and website visitors. We like to use still image or carousel ads for the remarketing ad.



We partnered with creative masterminds @heyganza for the Alexa Pultizer ads. They are experts at digging into a brand and creating eye catching and on-brand ads that help convert new audiences into customers. We like to see a central message that resonates for each ad you are using in the campaign. For instance if you have a video ad in your top of funnel campaign and a static image ad for your remarketing campaign, the message, imagery and coloring should be the same for each ad and correspond with each other.

Pro Tip: Do not overlook the power of good photography. Creative images of your product or services will make a huge difference in your ads. Try not to use stock images and instead schedule quarterly photoshoots with expert photographers and use these images for your website, organic social media posts, and paid ads.


Don’t try to run ads nationally. Pick three key cities that your brand will have traction in. Track how they perform and make adjustments from there. Doing this will help you determine which geolocations your brand resonates in. An exception to this rule is if your ad budget is large enough to market nationally or if your audience parameters are so targeted that there are few enough people nationally to target. For instance if your only target is people that recently got engaged, if that number nationally is less than one million (which it is) that may be a good national market and would not require narrowing down by city geotargets.

Pro Tip: Check out your Google Analytics to find out what cities are getting you the most purchases from your website. These could be great cities to start targeting with your strategic social media ads.


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